RT @alex: Whole 30 is Soylent for the over-35 crowd.
RT @ellenjdasilva: Someone literally just pitched me a "disruptive pizza delivery tech startup". It...delivers pizza. I have no words, San Francisco.
RT @tewfik10: @realDonaldTrump hahahaha when I read this I thought this was a parody account
RT @KaiteRosa: Loved writing this profile on @ellenchisa of @englishpaulm's Lola Travel. This lady's a super star! https://t.co/1Wn7mlQirN
Things I bought on @amazon during (a totally normal) dinner: A humidifier and a Thomas Keller cookbook. Our times are bizarre.
RT @ijakemendel: Our generation will be the first to own fewer material assets than our parents. #Millennials #investinexperience https://t.co/l7AVSmCZKs
RT @ComplexlySimple: Just reminding those watching the debate that Trump actually called climate change a Chinese hoax. https://t.co/WGruUhjWfN
Let's raise a glass to the boyfriends of barre instructors whose back-of-class faces reflect that they had no idea that muscle existed.